10 Things You’re Screwing Up on First Dates

10 Things You’re Screwing Up on First Dates

UPDATE: My speech at NerdNite was a total blast! Thanks to everyone who came, laughed, and heckled. My favorite part was when I started talking about how your partner’s height isn’t the key to true happiness and “will it really matter when you’re 65 if you’re partner is two inches shorter than you”. A girl in the audiences shouted “yes!” immediately. Apparently there’s still a lot of lecturing I need to do on expanding your “types”. You can check out the slides below but you have to see it in person for the real story.

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I’m speaking at NerdNite in NYC next month. (NerdNite is like TED with alcohol.) I’ll be giving a 10 minute run down 10 things you’re screwing up on first dates. Tickets are $10-$14 and available here.




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