3 Tips on Efficient Dating from Timothy Ferriss

3 Tips on Efficient Dating from Timothy Ferriss

Author Tim Ferriss, famous for the 4-Hour Workweek, talks about his dating advice. Tim actually outsourced his online dating to overseas teams. They scheduled nearly 30 coffee dates in a weekend for him and he found a good match for a total cost of less than $300. He spent less than he would have on regular dates and condensed a year-long process into a weekend. Even if you’re not looking to outsource your love life, his advice still stands.

Diversify Your Identity & Your Relationships

Tim’s advice is to stop letting your job define you are. Invest in other areas of your life that you are passionate about. Don’t stake your personal success purely on your professional success. Use that same advice to diversify your love life as well. Until you’re ready to make a long-term monogamous commitment, don’t stake your happiness on just one girl.

Don’t Go To Bars To Pickup Women

“Timing and environment are often more important than your method.” Why go to a place where women have their choice of interested and intoxicated men? Pick activities you’ll have fun doing, regardless of if you can pickup chicks doing them. Tim also recommends learning a few dance steps to impress.

The Most Effective Subject Line

His outsourced dating teams found the most effective subject line was “Looking for a Date”. Instead of putting hours into creating a well-crafted message, do as little work as possible. The more time you can get the woman to invest, the more likely she is to follow through.

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  1. Wow! That’s a ralely neat answer!

  2. Yikes, this is very un-knightly stuff! Make her pursue you? Make her do the work? As a woman I would not suggest this to a man. A man saying this about a woman is ungracious. It sounds bitter and defensive.
    Usually TF is clever, funny and seems like a nice guy. So this surprised me. This is not good advice!

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