Closers Get All The Ladies

Closers Get All The Ladies

Ever see an ugly guy dating a beautiful girl? Does your old college roommate hit a new one-night stand every week even if he reads at a 5th-grade level. You can bet one major difference between you and them is that they know how to close a deal.

Assess the Target

People are smarter than you think, even if they aren’t, treating people with respect will give them confidence. What does she want? She probably wants to feel beautiful, intelligent, respected, and desired. You can make her feel that way!

Show Her You’re Interested In Her

Different cultures require you to show a different amount of interest to get a gal’s attention. In Italy, the men are typically over the top, which is why the women have to be so “cold”. In the US, gender equality have got us all so mixed up over who should ask out who, so a lot of us don’t date. The first step in closing a date is to show her you are interested.

Approach Her

You’re going to get rejected so let’s start practicing now. Yes you could stare at the same girl in math class for the entire semester, but she’s much more likely to remember you if you actually approach her. Let’s face it, your looks probably aren’t your biggest selling point so why are you depending on those alone? You’ve got to show off your best features and how will you ever do that if you never approach her?

The guys getting laid all the time get rejected all the time too! But you’ll never have a chance if you don’t take chances.

Show Confidence

Would you want to date someone who thought they sucked at everything? Americans may come in last for public education but our students come in first in confidence and we’re still number one! Showing confidence is 50% of your first impression.

Introduce Yourself

Lead with your best features (we’ll cover that in a future entry). Smile and make eye contact.

Start with something you have in common:

  • I read that book last year, it was great/awful.
  • Aren’t you friends with Jill? We had bio-chem together last semester.

Be Unexpected

Guys who defy expectations are sexy. Fat girls expect to be pitied and pretty girls expect to be worshiped. Worship a fat girl and you’ll win her over fast because she’s not expecting it. Do you look like an awkward nerd? Learn how to dance and you’ll shock her into paying attention.

Narrowly Defining Yourself Closes Doors

If you only like World of Warcraft and Magic, there’s not much you can have in common with new people. Keep your options open and have a wide breadth of knowledge so that you always have something you can talk about.

Ask her a question that will get her talking (avoid any questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no):

  • I was going to buy that book/bag/laptop/entree, how do you like it?
  • How do you like living in this neighborhood? I’m looking for a new apartment.
  • I’m trying to pick a new place to vacation this year, what’s your favorite place to go?

Keep up the excellent body language. Smile, make eye contact, stand up straight, and laugh at anything she says that’s remotely funny.

Build rapport by asking her more questions:

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What’s your ideal job?
  • Where did you grow up?
  • Where did you go to school?

Assess The Situation

How are you doing so far? Is she laughing and smiling? Then proceed. If not, loop back and try harder or try again another day.

Make an Aggressive Physical Move

You must give her the firm impression that you want her. Depending on the situation this can range from backing her up against a wall to kiss her passionately (my favorite) to touching her arm.

Tell Her You Want to See Her Again

Hint: Asking a girl out for drinks implies you’re interested in sleeping with her. Asking a girl out for coffee implies you’re interested in talking with her. Start with coffee even if you just want to sleep with her.


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  2. Don’t take this the wrong way, but “repor” is wrong, and shows that you’ve never actually read this word in print. The proper spelling is “rapport”, and it’s from French.

    I’m telling you this not to be a pedant or a heckler – just that a mistake like that can ruin an otherwise excellent article.

  3. Supeorir thinking demonstrated above. Thanks!


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