How to Banish Your Ex from Your Digital Life

How to Banish Your Ex from Your Digital Life

You used to shove all the pictures of your Ex into a shoebox and burn them ceremoniously. Now you can’t get Facebook to stop recommending you two should be friends because you have so many mutual friends. Breaking up is harder to do in the digital age.

Calls and Texts

I was disappointed to find out that AT&T won’t allow me to block a specific number from calling or texting my cell. (Now that they’ve jacked up text messaging prices, it seems outrages that I can’t control who texts me.) There are App solutions for other smart phones and jailbroken iPhones but I was stuck. My choices were to change my number or turn off text messaging all together. My solution for future stalkers is Google Voice. Google makes it easy to selectively block any number from calling or texting you. You can’t make calls over WiFi or send multi-media messages but for a free service it rocks.

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter & Blogs)

I vote for un-friending your Ex personally but if you don’t want to, there are browser extensions to selectively block individuals. Try Ex-blocker for Chrome and Firefox, which will also hide their Twitter & blog posts. Now is a great time to tweak your Facebook privacy settings. If you haven’t sorted your friends into lists, now is a good time to start.

Tactic #2 is to split your profiles. Start a new Facebook profile and leave out your last name. You can keep your first Facebook profile for public appearances but invite your personal friends to your new profile. Your Ex might figure it out eventually but it’s nice to have a more private play space. This is a great tactic for teachers that need a profile their students can see without drunk Saturday night photos.

Instant Messages & Email

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