Online Dating Profiles Part 1: Pictures

Online Dating Profiles Part 1: Pictures

If you thought the boring drivel you wrote about your hopes and dreams is the most important part of your profile, you’re sorely mistaken. Your pictures are the number one factor when she’s trying to decide whether to return your message.

Get Help

Holding your camera phone up to a mirror for a partial body shot is so 2005. You need someone with some camera skills to take posed pictures of you. If you don’t know any budding photographers, seriously consider hiring someone. It’s worth spending $250 up front instead of wasting months of your life messaging girls who don’t contact you back.

The most expensive sex is free sex ~ Woody Allen

Better Cameras = Better Pictures

Bribe a friend with a SLR camera and lenses that they really know how to use. Well-composed shots of you in good light are essential. Everybody has a good side, and a good photographer will know how to find it. Touching up photos digitally is considered cheating but good photos shouldn’t need any retouching.

Solo Shots Are Best, Duos Are Dangerous, and Groups are Sometimes Ok

The picture where you blacked out your ex-girlfriend’s face is NOT acceptable. Group shots of you with friends are a crap shot. Pictures of you solo and looking amazing are best.

Incredible Locations Make You Look More Incredible

Many people list “travel” as an interest, so shots of you at recognizable foreign landmarks will tell potential partners that you have that quality before they even start reading.

Pictures With Kids Are Bad

Sure you know it’s really your nephew but he’ll assume it’s your son. The one exception to this rule is when you’re clearly doing charity work with children of a radically different race than your own.

The Best & Worst Photo Setups

Some of the stuff on the worst list is pretty awesome, it’s just not the first thing you want to show a potential new date.

Best Worst
As Best Man in an Elegant Suit As the Groom
Holding a Cute Puppy Spooning With Your Cat
Competing in a Sport (and don’t look stupid sweaty in) Competing at the Nintendo World Championships
Meeting the Dali Lama Meeting Spock
Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity Volunteering to Judge a Chess Championship
Showing Your Hard Abs at the Beach Showing Your Beer Belly

Test Your Main Profile Pic

Ask your friends which picture they like best of you. Or ask the internet on a site like My Best Face. Finally you can try rotating your main profile pic to see which one gets you the most attention.

Post 3-6 Photos

Only posting one photos is suspicious and indicates that you’re hiding something. Posting your entire Flikr account is worthless, unless every pictures is stunning and relevant. Post a few photos that show you in different ways. Some girls will fall for pictures of guys in suits, while others want to see the outdoorsman. If you’re both, show pictures that show both sides of you to increase your chances of snagging a mate.

Post Recent Photos

Posting how hot you were 10 years ago will probably backfire. If you’ve gained less than 10 pounds since that picture was taken, you can probably get away with it. If your body has changed more than that, you’ll only be setting up a false expectation.

Change Your Main Profile Pic Often

Rotating your main profile pic will get you more profile views. Simply because certain photos of you might not attract a date while another photo will. You won’t know which works until you try a few.

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  3. Sorry, but any female that would rather see a picture of me flexing my abs at the beach like a douche over an awesome photo opportunity with Spock isn’t my type. “Live long and prosper”

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