Don’t Sext Until You’ve Sex’d

Don’t Sext Until You’ve Sex’d

Getting Dirty Digitally Raises the Stakes

It’s critical you don’t build up too many expectations before meeting in person. When you interact digitally, the majority of who you are is a blank canvas. Each person will paint in the missing portions to match their best guess and their ideal relationship. The longer you chat online, the more of the picture you paint. But what happens when you’ve painted a Monet and they show up a Munch? My post on Low-Stakes First Dates is required reading.

You’re More Comfortable Getting Dirty Online Than Off

Let’s face it. You’ve spent some quality time getting off in front of your computer. You’ve probably spent more time watching sex online than having sex in RL. Both of you are more comfortable talking about sex over IM than having sex in person. You’re going to go further, faster, and set false expectations for actual sex. Although she may moan when she *thinks* about rough anal sex, it’s another feeling entirely to be doing it.

Sexting Sailors Source: Mike Licht

You’re Shooting In The Dark

Good sex requires great communication and the ability to read subtle body language. Without an exact idea of what she likes and how she likes it, you may say something that turns her off online and never know you blew it. Before you meet in person, it’s easy for a girl to flake out. Isn’t it more important to seal the deal in person than get to third base online? Don’t risk it.

Pictures Of Your Penis Just Aren’t Sexy

Guys are very visual and sometimes they think girls like their porn just the same way. I’m sorry guys, but naked girls are hot. You’re probably a hairy, semi-formed, hunk of flesh with slightly dry skin. Sending a picture of your penis to a girl is an unnecessary move. Believe me. Few real women salivate at the sight of a random dick. We tend to fall in love with your penis after it’s proven it’s usefulness.

Sexting After Sex Can Be Hot

All this being said, after you’ve knocked it out of the park in person, steamy texting can be a great way to fan the flame. For a grand example, I’ll hand you off to Dark Gracie for a sexting example.

Sexting Explanation from Hal Sparks


Photo by Kim Dochac


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