Should I Wait 3 Days Before Calling Her Back? ~ Ask Destiny

Should I Wait 3 Days Before Calling Her Back? ~ Ask Destiny

Does the 3-day rule project the cool confidence you want or do you risk losing her interest? Do the rules change if you had sex?

Hi Destiny,

I have had a female friend of mine tell me the three day rule works after a date. I usually call my dates the day after thanking them for it. But I’ve been on a lot of first dates but not too many second dates. Also, last night I met a woman, we hit it off and we had sex at my place afterward. I do want to see her again. Would the three day rule work with her?

~ Confused male

Ignore The Rules

Rules are for girls. In my experience, the most important thing in a women’s final opinion of the night before is how she describes you to her best friend the next day. If you didn’t set a second date before the end of the first, let her know gently that you’d like to see her again as soon as possible. Try a text like “Thanks for great conversation, let’s do it again some time.”

If you had any kind of sex, let her know that you think she’s beautiful and found her amazing. She may be looking for as much reassurance as you are. Good luck!

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