How Many Status Points Do You Have?

How Many Status Points Do You Have?

Dating is all about status. Just like an RPG, you have a certain amount of points to equip yourself with. Status points are made up of attractiveness, social standing, job, income, personality, intelligence, sense of humor, etc. Everyone has a different amount of status points. You’ll earn more points over time and by “leveling up” in real life.

How Do You Earn Status Points?

When girls have trouble getting laid, men tell them to go to the gym and get “hot”. The simplistic view is guys have two choices; you can get fit or get rich. Both sexes can try to improve their status with personality changes, new skills, connections, and so on. In the end though, American culture values looks and money. If you’re not interested in dating girls with average American values, then don’t worry about it. If you want to date the “hot girl”, then you know what you have to do.

You Don’t Have To Improve Your Status If…

You don’t have to improve yourself at all if you’re willing to focus on ladies with less points than you. Lots of guys want to date nubile girls with perfect bodies and no personality flaws. Well unless you can say the same about yourself, you really need to start focusing more on girls like you. Consider women older than you or less attractive than you.

Why Couples With The Same Status Work

You don’t want to date anyone with a vastly different amount of status points as you, otherwise one person has extra points to spend on someone else. For example, married couples are more likely to stay together if they’re within 15 IQ points of each other. Wondering if a girl has a similar IQ count to you but don’t want ask her to take an IQ test? You should be able to tell through conversation. If you both find conversation stimulating and you tend to agree with your partner, it’s likely that you have similar levels of intelligence. If one partner is often bored or discounts the other’s opinions, the gap may be too much. Just another reason to meet in person and talk a lot!

The commodification of human contact…but it’s the awful truth.


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  1. This info is the cat’s pajaams!

  2. “If one partner is often board or discounts the other’s opinions, the gap may be too much.”

    You probably mean “bored” rather than “board”. Well if you were a board I’d surely get the hint that the date isn’t working out. Talk about getting a cold shoulder ;).


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