Online Dating Profiles Part 2: Usernames

Online Dating Profiles Part 2: Usernames

Your username is more important than you might think. Caution! Once you chose a username, some sites won’t let you change it. Make the choice carefully or be ready to make a new profile.


  • Adding your birth year to the end (John-1982).
  • Anything complimenting yourself: Sexy, bold, amazing, awesome, etc.
  • Cheesy sexual references and anything Austin Powers might say.
  • Anything that implies you’re only looking for casual sex (FunTimes69).
  • Inside, obscure, or nerd jokes.

Could Be Ok

  • Adding your location is fine but if you move you might have to start your profile over so use NYC_Guy with caution.
  • Using your real name either shows you have a lot of confidence or you’re crazy.
  • Self-deprecating can work in your favor but it must be clever. Don’t go too far; naming your profile Small_Penis will probably fail.

We Like

  • Cleaver puns and jokes the girls you’re trying to date will actually understand.
  • References to hobbies that you might have in common with the girls you want to date.
  • References to your best qualities while still being humble about it.


Image by Alan O’Rourke


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  2. It’s about time smeoone wrote about this.

  3. So… What you’re saying is i shouldn’t choose ‘Hung_like_moose_69’ as my username. Damn!


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